1. Scope
The following General Terms and Conditions regulate the contractual relationship between the participants in conferences, seminars, or courses (hereinafter referred to as “event”) and the Global Pulse Confederation (hereinafter referred to as “GPC”). They shall apply to both events subject to a charge and free events; for the latter, the regulations that concern prices and methods of payment shall be excluded. Conflicting General Terms and Conditions shall not apply.

2. Registration/confirmation of registration
Registration is usually completed using the data form on the event website (online) unless other requirements apply to the relevant event (e.g., e-mail). The registration shall become legally binding by virtue of our written confirmation. Your attendance at GPC events is, at all times, at the sole discretion of GPC. GPC reserves the right to refuse entry to you to GPC event, or to request that you leave the GPC event, for violation of the terms and conditions herein. If this occurs, then a refund of the registration fee will be facilitated in some circumstances (at GPC’s sole discretion). Persons or companies that have suspended or barred from participation in GPC events are not permitted to register directly or indirectly through third parties.

3. Payment
The participation or registration fee is understood to be per person and solely for the event date stated, plus statutory Value Added Tax. It includes (provided that this is scheduled in the programme) conference documents, and some meals and beverages. The GPC reserves the right to replace program speakers with other speakers, and to undertake necessary changes to the event programme, while preserving the overall character of the event. If it becomes impossible to hold the event by virtue of force majeure, by reason of the absence of a speaker, by reason of malfunctions at the event location, or by virtue of too low a number of participants, the participants shall be informed without delay. Cancellation by reason of too low a number of participants shall be announced no later than 1 week prior to the event. In these cases, the event fee shall be reimbursed. All claims to compensation for travel and overnight accommodation costs and loss of working hours are excluded. In the event of the occurrence of disruptions to services, the GPC undertakes to take all reasonable measures to contribute to rectifying or restricting the disruption. Moreover, registration for an event by a participant entitles the GPC to send thematically-related materials free of cost, such as digital issues of the Pulse Pod or other electronic communications. These can be revoked at any time.

4. Due date and payment, arrears, offset
The participation fee is due on receipt of invoice. If the participant falls into arrears, the GPC is entitled to change registrant category (for example, from early-bird registrant to late registrant or on-site registrant). Payment is made at the option of the purchaser by invoice and bank transfer or by credit card. The GPC reserves the right in individual cases to exclude certain payment methods. Payment by cash or cheque is only available on-site in US dollars; in the case of loss, the GPC accepts no liability. The participant may offset only legally enforceable claims or claims acknowledged in writing by the GPC. In exercising a right of retention, the participant is entitled only to the extent that their counter-claim is based on the same contractual relationship.

5. Cancellation or refund
Cancellation of registrations or guest tickets purchased online is possible within the maximum legal cancellation period of 30 days of the first day of event (see right of cancellation). Requests for cancellation shall be submitted in writing to office@globalpulses.com not less than 30 days prior to first day of event. GPC may, at its discretion, withhold refunds until after the event has concluded. Participants must contact the event hotels directly to cancel accomodations. GPC shall have no liability or responsibility for charges stemming from failure to cancel accommodations. In the event that participant reverses credit card charges within 30 days of the event, participant shall remain liable for full cost and may be denied registration to future events until the full amount has been paid.

6. Copyright
Except as specifically excluded or exempted, all conference documents, presentations, photos and videos (hereafter “conference materials”) produced for and during our events are protected by copyright. The participants are exclusively granted a simple, non-assignable right of use of conference materials for their personal use. Participants and third parties are not permitted to modify the contents or editorial content of the conference materials or to use modified versions of the conference materials, nor to copy them for third parties, to publish or transmit them, to use them on the Internet or on other networks, for remuneration or free of charge, to imitate or sell them, or to use them for commercial purposes, even in the case of extracts. No copyright notices, identification markings or trade marks may be removed.

7. Liability
The events are generally carefully prepared and delivered by qualified speakers. The GPC accepts no liability for topicality, accuracy and completeness with respect to the speeches, the conference materials or the implementation of the event. The events are organised and run by GPC. However, third parties such as hotels and service providers may be contracted to provide food or other services at the events. GPC shall assume no liability for actions of third parties and any claim for actions of third parties shall rest with the third parties.

8. Film and photographic recording
The GPC records the events. In addition to the production of a written report on the event, photos are taken and films recorded. The participants are informed of this in the confirmation of their registration. Participants declare that they agree to photographic and film recordings being made during the events. They agree to the use, unrestricted in terms of time or space, of these recordings by the GPC or third parties, who have been granted the relevant rights of use by the GPC.

9. Use of data
1. Data of holders of free tickets
In consideration for having been granted free registrations and the opportunity to participate in the event by GPC the participants cedes to GPC the data, which are provided during registration.
GPC shall use the data to identify suitable candidates for participation in its conferences. In addition, may use the data in order to contact the participants, to introduce products or other events from GPC or its national association members or to inform them of similar products or events.

2. Data of holders of registrants or participants subject to a charge
The data of holder of registrants or participants to a charge shall be used to the extent specified in Paragraph 1, with confirmation of registration conditions providing express consent thereto.

10. Misuse or abuse of registration materials
Participants that falsely claim to have lost their registration badge or event tickets or who provide their registration badge or event tickets to unregistered third parties shall have their registration badge or event tickets immediately cancelled without refund.

11. Disclaimer
GPC is not liable to participants for any loss, damage, injury or any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or economic loss or damage (including loss of opportunity, exemplary or punitive damages) whether to person or property and whether arising from default, negligence, misconduct or otherwise by GPC, its employees, agents or contractors in connection with GPC events.

12. Applicable law, court of jurisdiction and place of performance
The applicable law is the law of Dubai, to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law, Dubai is agreed as the place of performance and court of jurisdiction.