Katia Sambin
Chippewa Valley Bean

She has a degree as German Interpreter & Translator and BA Hons Linguistics. Passionate about the world of pulses, involving collaboration with farming communities, NGOs, scientific bodies, value chain groups and most importantly the ever-changing consumer market. Served on the Advisory Board on the UN Committee on Food Security & Nutrition. International Year of the pulse Steering Committee member in charge of stakeholder relationships. UN World Pulses Day Steering Committee member. Worked on market access and trade barriers with focus on industrial commodity trading. European canning market specialized trader. Successfully introduced the new Ukrainian navy pea bean origin to the European canning market.
Firmly believes pulses provide the answer to our growing concerns about food security, sustainability and long-term health and thus playing a pivotal role in addressing the challenges of poverty, food security and nutrition, soil health and environment, thereby contributing to SDGs.