Kassahun Bekele
Acos Ethiopia PLC

Kassahun Bekele holds a BSc in plant science from Haromaya University (Ethiopia), then known as the Alemaya Agricultural College, and an MSc in Crop Protection Technology from the University of Reading, UK. He worked as a civil servant for 16 years, holding various positions, and later joined the Save the Children Fund, UK, as a Crop Protection Consultant. After serving the NGO for two years, Kassahun was given the opportunity to represent Rhone Poulenc, a multi-national agro-chemical company, as Country Manager. Bayer’s subsequent acquisition of Rhone Poulenc led him to join a local company as the General Manager representing Monsanto & BASF in Ethiopia. After 10 years of service, he moved to Acos Ethiopia PLC in 2008, transitioning from the import business to export-related activities. He is currently serving at Acos as both owner and General Manager. Kassahun and his wife are blessed with four children.