Cem Bogusoglu
GP Global Group

Cem Bogusoglu is the Head of Pulses Global at GP Global Group, which is an integrated commodity and services provider, product manufacturer and a globally recognized brand. GP Global Group is engaged in complementary business streams that combine to shape turnkey solutions that meet customer needs in the commodity sector.

GP Global is present around the globe and actively engaged in linking markets through new and exciting channels of opportunity and trade with the following activities: Refining, Agri Trading, Mineral and Steel Trading, Aviation Fueling, Storage Terminals, Shipping and Logistics.

Before joining GP Global Group, Cem served in different roles including agricultural project management, pulses processing factory management and head of trading. He has been working in the pulses industry since he graduated from Gaziantep University Food Engineering Department in 2003. Cem has been a member of GAFTA’s Pulses Committee since 2015 and has served on the GPC Executive Committee since 2018.