Andac Kolukisa
Natural Gida A.S.

Andac Kolukisa is Managing Director of the 4th generation family owned agribusiness, Natural Gida A.S. in Turkey. The company focuses on processing of red lentils, chickpeas and white beans and an exporter pulse crops to over 45 countries. Andac graduated from Manufacturing Systems Engineer in Sabanci University, Istanbul and Jonkoping University, Sweden. Had a Master of International Business Degree from Hult Int. Business School from San Francisco with global rotation to University College London and Fudan University, Shanghai. Getting a PhD in Finance at Mersin University. Served as Coordinator for GPC Young Professionals (GPCYP). Helping to improve connections and understanding between Young Professionals and GPC. Speaker for promoting the IYP with the delegation of Private Sector Mechanism to the UN Committee on World Food Security in FAO Meetings at Rome. Currently Executive Committee member of GPC, as well as serving as the Chair of GPC Communication Committee especially focuses on social media.