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April 18, 2020
GPC Executive Committee Meeting

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Welcome Reception
Opening Ceremony
President’s Opening Address and Welcome, by Cindy Brown
Global Pulse Confederation, President
Digitalization of Trade

Moderator: June Arnold, Head of Policy at The Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA)


Matt Tripodi, Global Account Director at Euromonitor International
Petya Sechanova, Trade Execution Leader at Cargill International
James Bernard, Head of Business Development at DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre)

Head of Policy, Gafta
Global Account Director, Euromonitor International
Current - Trade Operations Leader Cargill; Future - CEO Covantis
Head of Corp Sales, DMCC
Adding Value of Pulses and Pulse Ingredients

The market for plant-based foods has taken off. Estimated at $4.5 billion in 2018, it is forecast to hit $85 billion by 2030. In large part, the fuel behind this explosive growth has been the humble yellow pea, the darling of alt-meat big hitters like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. These two companies have seen consumer demand for their plant-based food products grow so rapidly that they have both run up against supply chain issues. “The plant protein sector is like a startup, in that there are fewer players, less historical data and booming demand,” says Jean-Philippe Azoulay, Roquette’s vice president for pea and new proteins.

Moderator: Gordon Bacon, Chief Executive Officer at Pulse Canada


Jean-Philippe Azoulay, Vice President of Pea and New Proteins Business Line at Roquette

Alexandra Londono Baderschneider, Head of Business Segment Pulses

Vishal Vijay, Head of Business Development at Agrocorp

Pulse Canada / Canadian Special Crops Association
Director, Agrocorp Processing
Jean-Philippe Azoulay, Head of Roquette’s Pea and New Proteins Business Line
Head of the Pulses Business Segment, Buhler
Global Outlook: Green Lentils

Analyst: Brian Clancey, President at STAT Publishing (Canada)
Moderator: Elyce Simpson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Simpson Seeds (Canada)


Atheeqe Ansari, Director at Emco (UAE)
Jeff Van Pevenage, President/CEO at Columbia Grain Inc. (USA)
Murat Ertus, Orhan Sirt (Turkey)
Juan Sebastian Pabon Chaves, Owner at La Perla (Colombia)

Columbia Grain
Emco International
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Simpson Seeds
Orhan Sirt Agri. Products
Global Outlook: Red Lentils

Despite the imposition of duties and import restrictions, India remains the primary destination for global red lentil exports, followed by Turkey, Sri Lanka and the UAE. Although markets have fluctuated widely, the demand is still there. But in this time of market volatility, key questions remain: What will be the impact of India’s 2020 winter crop? What level of exports can be expected from the CIS region?
Find out at Pulses 2020. Sudhakar Tomar of Hakan Agro will moderate the Global Red Lentils Outlook panel, featuring market analysis by Brian Clancey of STATPub and expert opinion from industry insiders.
Analyst: Brian Clancey, President at STAT Publishing (Canada)
Moderator: Sudhakar Tomar, Managing Director at Hakan Agro (UAE)


Fethi Sonmez, CEO at Armada Foods (Turkey)
Jason Paskaruk, Director Sales and Marketing – North America, Pulses and Grain at AGT Foods (Canada)
William Alexander, Pulses Trader at Australian Grain Export (Australia)
Saurabh Bhartia, Head Pulses Trader at Glencore (India)
Hadi Doni, Trader and Broker of Pulses at Doni Company (Pakistan)
Harish Tahiliani, Managing Director at Arab and India Spices (UAE)
Kintal Islamov, Chairman at Atameken-Agro JSC (Kazakhstan)

Hakan Agro DMCC
AGT Foods
Armada Foods, Turkey
Doni & Company
Managing Director & co-founder of Arab India spices
Global Outlook: Black Matpe, Pigeon Pea and Mung Bean

Is India really self-sufficient in pulses? 

In 2016/17, India’s pulse output hit 23 million MT. This was followed by production of 25 million MT in 2017/18. Encouraged by these massive harvests and the establishment of sizable pulse buffer stocks, the government declared it had achieved pulse self-sufficiency and began imposing quotas and tariffs on pulse imports. This caused the collapse of pulse markets at several origins, such as Myanmar and several nations of Africa.

With the loss of their primary export destination, these origins began to shift away from pulses such as pigeon peas to other crops that promised a more reliable source of income. But in 2019/20, India is facing runaway food inflation, caused in large part by climbing pulse prices resulting from a poor kharif crop. As we look ahead to 2020/21, the big question is: Will India open its market to pulse imports again? But perhaps the bigger question should be: Has pulse trade policy morphed from a food security matter to a political issue?

To answer these questions and assess where we go from here, the GPC is thrilled to have Sunil Patwari, managing director of Singapore-based Seasons Overseas Group, serve in the dual role of analyst and moderator for this year’s Black Matpe, Pigeon Pea and Mung Bean Outlook panel. Sunil brings to the panel extensive expertise based on his 25 years of experience in commodity trading across five continents. He will be joined on stage by:

Vivek Agrawal of JLV Agro (representing India)
Alok Bhargava of Praramb Agri Trading (representing Africa)
Martin Lazara of Alisof S.A. (representing Argentina)
Kang Lingzhi of Agrich Bussan (representing China)
Shyam Narsaria of Arvee International (representing Myanmar)

Seasons Overseas Group
JLV Agro
Praramb Agri Trade
Arvee International Pte
Global Pea Outlook

Analyst: Chuck Penner, founder and grain market analyst at LeftField Commodity Research (Canada)
Moderator: Farhan Adam, Chief Executive Officer at Marina Commodities (Canada)


Sergey Feofilov, founder of Ukragroconsult (Ukraine)
David Chen, Nanjing Bonagro (China)
Rakesh Khemka, Director at UMA Exports (India)
Cem Bogusoglu, Global Head of Pulses Trading at GP Global (Russia)
Mukti Agrawal and Ankit Kedia, Mahabir Overseas Pvt ltd (Nepal)
Ahmed Muhammad, President at Awam Group (Pakistan)

Left Field Commodity Research
Marina Commodities Inc., Canada
Nanjing Bonagro Int’l Trading Co
GP Global Group
AWAM Group of Companies
Global Outlook: Desi Chickpea

Analyst/Moderator: Peter Wilson, Wilson International Trade (Australia)


Anurag Tulshan, Owner at Esarco (India)
Dhanesh Kumar, Sakhi International (Pakistan)

Managing Director, Wilson International Trade
Esarco Exim Pvt Ltd
Welcome Remarks
Global Outlook: Beans Outlook (white & faba beans)

Analyst/Moderator: Horacio Fragola, Director for Alicampo (Argentina)


Kassahun Bekele, General Manager for Pedon in Ethiopia (Ethiopia)

Judd Keller, Trader for Kelley Bean (USA/Canada)

Andac Kolukisa, Managing Director for Natural Gida (Turkey)

General Manager, Farm Products
Natural Gida A.S.
Acos Ethiopia PLC
Kelley Bean
Global Outlook: Color Beans

Analyst : Randall Fairman, Fairman International Business Consulting (USA)
Moderator: Katia Sambin, Chippewa Valley Bean (US/Canada)

Matias Macera, Tradig Manager for Desdelsur (Argentina)
Iuri Bruns, Founder for Samba (Brazil)
Weihua Meng, Nanjing Bonagro (China)
Felipe Sandoval, BeGrait (Mexico)
Tewodros Yilma, Alpha Trading Partners (Ethiopia)

Fairman International Business Consulting
Chippewa Valley Bean
Desdelsur S.A.
Samba International
Nanjing Bonagro Int’l Trading
Alpha Trading Partners PLC
GPC Contract Session with GAFTA
GPC Young Professionals
Global Outlook: Kabuli Chickpea

“Only a few short years ago, kabuli chickpea prices were at record highs and the market responded by boosting production. Seeded area and strong yields helped raise supply levels in nearly all exporting countries, resulting in a global glut and declining prices. In response, market forces started to take effect again and discourage production, but that process has taken some time.
Now, it appears the supply/demand situation in most key countries is coming back into balance. This means the outlook for 2020 crops will be of central importance for whether kabuli chickpea prices remain locked in a sideways direction or if there is room for improvement,” says Chuck Penner, hinting at what is to come at the Pulses 2020 convention in Dubai.

Chuck will share his insights as the analyst on a kabuli chickpea panel that features industry heavy hitters from the world’s top kabuli chickpea markets and origins, including:

  • Panel moderator Joel Valenzuela of Jova Granos (representing Mexico)
  • Zain Salim Maniya of Midtrans Foods (representing Pakistan)
  • Rajat Sarda of Rajat Agro Commodities (representing India)
  • Pablo Campos of Cono S.A. (representing Argentina)
  • Deepak Rawat of Marina Commodities (represnting the Black Sea region)
  • Ali Siddiqui of ACA Alliance (representing Canada and the U.S.)
  • Prabhat Sangwan of Olam International (representing North Africa)
Left Field Commodity Research
General Director, JOVA
Marina Commodities Inc., Canada
Northern Chickpeas Alliance
Global Summary
Closing ceremony
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